Where is the money?

In 2010 the Conservative Government came into power and went to work on saving money.

In their budget for 2010 they set out their 5 year plan, which included cutting 11 billion pounds from the benefit budget. The way they justified this was by saying

“the Budget announces reforms to the
housing and disability benefit and tax credit system to make it fairer and more
affordable. These reforms will reduce dependency and promote work.”

In 2015, the government announced they were seeking to cut another 12 billion, this is despite the 17 billion pounds that they had cut in 5 years, yes the government not only delivered on their 5 year plan, the exceeded it. In fact some reports claimed it is closer to 21 billion.

They are now saying they are cutting £1.2 billion by 2020. Now that doesn’t seem a large amount considering how much they have cut already, but that is on top on the 12 billion.

What I want to know is where this damn money is??????

Its meant to going on this deficit thing they are always ranting on about and yet the people in Britain are more in debt that ever before. There are over 65 million people in the UK. We should of saved £461 each, man, woman and child instead each household is in debt by £12887

Its close to 30 billion they have cut, its not going on the military, the NHS, education, agriculture. These areas are all struggling, yet not recieving any of this money. Its not like its down the side of the sofa. So who the hell is benefiting from these cuts?

Its sure as hell not low income families, 16-18 year olds, the disabled, lone parents, the sick, the elderly.

What does that leave us with. Oh the rich, the top 1%

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*Reblog* Yes! 

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*Reblog* Introverts unite 

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This was me this weekend

Phoenix Rainez

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Do as I say

About four years ago myself and a friend (A) were having a conversation. She use to dance and I believe was damn good. I was encouraging her to go back to it, she didn’t feel she was ready.

The last four years have been a rollercoaster for her, but recently she has been getting better, mentally, emotionally. The lady is doing is a kick arse job.

She tagged me in a post this morning, saying she was doing dancing this tonight.

This lady, suffers from anxiety and it has limited her in the past, but now she is saying to her anxiety fuck off I am dancing.


So A. I love ya, and you can and will do this and be amazing, but next time just do as I say :-p


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Things my friends think of me

things my friends think of me 1

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Being an adult

a couple of days ago, I talked about the troubles my son was having at school. If you missed it, you can read it here  That was just over a week ago and I am pleased to say that nothing has been reported back, whatever the school are doing seem to be working.


I was thrown a bit of a curveball, when the boy who was hitting my son, his mother contacted me, it was a very short message just to let me know she was aware and she was dealing with it.

My initial reaction, was to write back and be rude, telling her that what her son was doing was unacceptable. I will admit, I was going to add a good few swear words and probably mention that she wasn’t to minimise what he was doing to my son.

However, I took a step back, spoke to both C and M. I will say M was in complete agreement with my intitial reaction. C is a very logical kind of a girl, who told me not to ignore it, but send something simple back.

Apparently she didnt mean a fuck you message. The actual message I sent was thank you for the reasurrance.

Yep I was grown up.

I regret not sending a sweary rant, but ultimately this is not about me, this is about my son, I want this mother onside, even if she does think I am weird.

Its hard for any parent to be told that your child is not as perfect as you think. The fact she sort of acknowledge this, actually says to me that she is taking this seriously, and that there has be no new incidents also goes to show this.

Hopefully we have drawn a line under it and my son can go back to loving school

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