£300 a week, I wish

I came across an article that a friend has shared on facebook, which made me laugh out loud. A quote from a Liberal Democrate peer, who was letting us know how unfair and how they couldn’t survive on the £300 a day they recieve tax free, for turning up to work. (I am not even getting into the expenses issue) £300 a week just for turning up. The house of Lords sits 149 days a year so that is about £4500 a year tax free for sitting (or sleeping, I am not sure.) She complains that it is an allowance, very much like a zero hour contract that many workers are forced to take. Except rather than the minimum wage of £6.50 she is getting an hourly rate of £37.

I would like to discuss figures. Let us take a family mum, dad, two children. Both parents work in minimum paid jobs, between them they earn £13 a hour. Mum works part time, Dad works full time. So between them they bring home about £1500 a month. Lets say they get tax credits of maybe £380 and Child Benefit rate of £136.20, they are not entitled to Housing benefits as they are just over the threshold.

So for a family of four they have about £500 a week, but wait. Out of that money, rent/mortgage,, gas, electric, council tax, Tv Licence, Internet (because schools now do homework via email), contents insurance and water needs to be paid. Leaving them with maybe £800, this is before things like petrol/travel expenses, lunches for the kids, clothes for the ever growing children and food. Not to mention all the other things that might happen. But lets take the £800 divide by 4 (number of family) and then divide that by 4 again (number of weeks leaving each member of family £50 a week, that is of course if life was really that simple. This is of course assuming that they don’t live in London or somewhere else expensive and that there are no childcare costs involved.

And the government wonders why we think they are out of touch.

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