Its been a few days

Although I have been writing I haven’t been publishing for the simple reason they have been all too short because not much is happening.

ATOS have agreed to do a home visit to see if I am fit for work, which makes me laugh, if I was fit for work they wouldn’t have to come and do a home visit.

Now while this is a pain the bum, it does mean things are progressing with my ESA claim.

I woke up this morning quiet manic, to the point I was going to go up to London or down to Southampton, or Portsmouth, this was a fab plan (well in my head) when two things stopped me, one my OH had taken my debit card so I had no money and my son threw up on me. So instead, I got out the sofa bed and we have been lounging on that instead.

My housing benefit back pay came through, so I paid all my outstanding bills, which was a relief. And now British Gas are no longer going to cut off our electricity.

Other than that its pretty quite, maybe something interesting will happen next week

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