Have I hurt people?

I had a friend, and I hope she won’t mind me using her as an example, the basic of it, was she threatend suicide, she was deadly serious.

I really couldn’t understand why she was so determind, she had so much to live for. But as I have gone through my own cycle, and now I understand. It doesn’t matter how much you have going for you, the urge to end the pain can be just too much.

But during that time she was a bitch. she was very mean and horrible, but I kept with her cause she was worth keeping. However now the tables have switched and I am now the bitch.

The thing is, I have  had a friends that have stuck up and stayed and there is a lady, who I need to pay homage to. C is great and so is J, they have been there when not many people have been.

So in answer to my question I probably have and I am sorry, but if you have not stuck by me, then thank christ, because if you can’t be a friend now, you probably not my friend to begin with

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