A shameless plug

I have said that I have a few friends who have gone through the road of claiming DLA (Disability living allowance) and are helping me on my journey. One helped me with the application form, she is a great person and she set up a facebook page called childability recycling. It does what it says on the tin. It brings together parents of disabled children and allows them to sell, buy, swop, give away various equipment that their child has grown out of. It is a great idea, the only reason why I am involved is I helped set the actual page up, after her telling me how she wanted it, however it is a really worthwell cause and I am proud to be involved.

There is also a page for it, So I am paying on her kindness by sharing this on here. You never know who might find it useful

I also have another friend who is slightly ahead of me on this ATOS process and she is heavily involved in a local charity called Camp Amazing, this provides a yearly camping event for children with Complex medical needs and their families ,

So while I have no news I thought I would share these amazing people’s work in the hope it will help other out.

Also a big thank you to those of you that have found me interesting enough to follow.

These are the links on facebook, if you are on facebook, please like, share, or even just look at. You never know when you might suddenly think you know what so and so might find that useful. Should say these are based in the UK




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