Another Milestone

Well today was a good day, I ended up driving to F’s house to have a playdate with her and her son H. Its about a 20 minutes drive from my house, so quite a distance for me by myself (well I obviously had my son and he is my comforter, but normally have my partner) Anyway I drove I got there alright, we went to a park by bus, had a macdonalds (which was so crowded I thought at one stage I was going to pass out) and came home again.

Well my blood pressure probably sky rocketed and I am still feeling very light headed I did it, and I am damn proud of myself.

And my friend R who is like a big cuddly teddy bear (and according to his son has a head shaped like a lollypop) also mentioned how proud he was which is a massive boast to me. R has also just had a baby girl, not named after me, which I feel is a shame. (I promised him I would mention him at some point) But he takes time out of his now even busier life to give me a boast which is very much appreciated. I would say something mushy but our friendship doesn’t work like that a lot of the time.

So while I probably won’t move out of the house for a few days it is a massive step for me and I am still doing it with very little help from the medical community but massive help from my friends and family. My long (very long) term goal is eventually to go and see E in the United Arab Emirates but I think that is still very much a long way off.

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