Life skills seriously WTF???

For those of you in the UK, you might be seeing adverts for life skills from barclays. While this is fantastic and needed, surely something is wrong with the system when a bank is teaching our children how to dress and what to do in interviews.

Maybe it is just me, but things that are being taught in schools are wrong and need updating. My maths teacher had a phrase which was, you need to learn this, its not like you will carry a calculator around in your pocket. Actually now yes I do.

I am not saying by any means we should rely on technology to do certain things. One of my greatest skills is being able to go round the supermarket and get to the checkout knowing within the nearest pound how much my shopping is going to cost abd doing all this by head. Looking at an eight quid top with 10% off and knowing when I get to the till it is going to be £7.20

But things like budgeting should be taught in schools, not when you have three kids and you have to choose between the electric, food or paying brighthouse that week because you thought paying £3 a week for 8 years is better than saving £3 a week for 18 months. Because you needed it then and there.

Learning how to write a CV, learning not to attend an interview in jeans and a T-Shirt. And I say this from someone who use to hire people, I would read CV;s and just think if I could chuck you in a bin I would. Or take a look at a 16 year old who has turned up with their jeans around their ankles.

I also feel learning a second language in infant school is very important. I am proud to say my son can sign, he might never use it but he can “speak” and let it be known what he wants. My grandfather could speak something silly like 7 languages and yet he never passed that skill down.

My father now in his 60’s is taking lessons in his “home tongue” and I am very proud of him for doing it. I would love to learn a new language. I know more French than any other language because I learnt it young.

I have a friend M, she is Spanish and she does facebook statuses in both English and Spanish. I have a massive giggle translating using google the Spanish because it is basically bollocks. (I know this because I have the english version infront of me) I personally feel her children have an advantage over my son because they are multi lingual. I think in the UK we take for granted the fact that most people seem to speak English.

We have certain people in this country who take exception to people speaking a different language and yet these same people are happy to go to a foreign country and get offended by people not speaking English.

We are making this world smaller and smaller and yet the people in it are growing further and further apart.

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