Crazy Brain vs Logical Brain

So since my little day trip yesterday, I got home and started feeling faint and dizzy, I put this down to basically the stress of having done what I did. I actually fell asleep at about 9.30 and my son got me up at 5.30am.

However I woke up this morning and still felt poo, even this evening I am still feeling faint and fairly dizzy everytime I stand up. Now my logical brain is saying this is pure coincidence and I was feeling a bit iffy before I left yesterday (put this down to nerves)

Crazy side of my brain is going look what happens when you leave the house, this is why I send you signals bascially making you want to vomit when you walk out the front door. I gave you warnings and you ignored it. So don’t bother leaving again, its nice and cosy in our house.

I could go on with the different things my crazy brain is saying but it is winning, if everytime I do something outside my comfort zone why should I even bother anymore.

Plus OH is on an early tomorrow for work so it is not as thought I can spend the morning in bed trying to recover properly.

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