Not sure if I should be angy

I was watching the news this morning, which is a rare as I find it brings my mood down, but I saw a story which infurated me.

This one. Now the problem is when I heard it, it didn’t really explain things properly and to be honest this article hasn’t helped. What I heard was a few things.

1. a woman was being prosectued for filing a false rape case.

In my opinion good, people who make false accusastions should be presectued to the fullest extent of the law. Now when I say false accusations. I mean when it is proven that they it was false, not there isn’t enough evidence to covince the CPS to take to court. Two very different matters.

2.  The woman shouldn’t have been charged because she had bi polar.

This is what annoyed me, how does having bi polar mean you have a free pass to accuse people. Its like saying because a child has ADHD it gives them a free reign to be a brat. This is very much not the case and the parents I know who are responsible and their child has ADHD work very hard with their child, to make sure this doesn’t happen are often harder on those children because they need to be to make the child understand. “A” has 3 kids, one with ADHD, she admits and says she is harder on him than the other two behavioural wise, because he does have difficulty. In my eyes this makes her a great parent.

However, reading a bit into it, my initial thought could be very wrong, the case was not brought forward due to inconsitances in her story, this doesn’t mean she lied. And the person she accused brought a private case, and the CPS decided to take it on. If they thought there was enough evidence why did they not bring forward the case. Where they pandering to politic views.

Looking at it from a different view, if this poor woman was raped and the guy is a control freak decided to punish her further, why would the CPS allow this?

Either way, does her bi polar actually enter into this at all? I am not sure, as I said in my title should I be angry?

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