The dream of tomorrow

I have often wondered why at this time of the morning (its 5am) with no sleep, my brain starts wondering to what I am going to do the next day.

You see, I have a plan my plan involves, finishing off the kitchen (this would be day 3 and it has taken a hell of a lot to stop when my son goes to bed, cause I think I am going to make too much noise.) Its carpet cleaning day and also on Saturday’s I am going to make sure I fit in gardening. So tomorrow afternoon I shall be doing something that resembles gardening. Although I am not sure what to expect as I kill plants by looking at them.

This is my plan, my brain on the other hand, is thinking of going down to the coast. Or maybe going shopping for something (I don’t actually need anything and neither does my son or partner, well my partner needs new trainers, but he has to be there for that) Maybe London for a few hours and go to an arcade.

It all seems very doable now, but in the daylight of tomorrow, unless I am going to wake up manic (which is unlikely) the anxiety is going to rule, so why does my brain insist upon doing this?

Answers on a postcard

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