I have had the mental health team round today, to help me with some tools to deal with my anxiety.

I discovered that if you say that you are fine now and you feel there are more deserving people out there. They take this to be a sign of avoidance and ignore you.

But this is how I feel, I have come out the dark side. I am feeling good, I am going out and about. Of course, this could all change at the drop of the hat, and next week when they revisit I might be curled up in bed refusing to move, but I feel my point should of been taken.

Got the doctor’s on Monday to look at other medication and an app with the nurse for a more private meeting. I only mention it, because if any woman aged 24-65 is reading this. I shall just say it is important to get an app for a smear test if you don’t already do it

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