So. What’s new?

Its been a few days since I last wrote. I have been very busy.

I have finally finished clearing out the loft and the garage and have put lots of things on ebay to hopefully sell. Its ok I have a process though, they don’t sell on ebay, they go onto gumtree and facebook selling sites, they don’t sell on that they go on to free sites and finally if they don’t sell on that its down to the tip.

It has been a long hard slog, especially with a toddler in tow, who has an obsession with climbing ladders. No matter how stable they are. But we are done.

I have also done something amazing (well for me) I drove an hour away to pick something up that I brought off ebay. This to be honest was a simple accicident, I thought it was a five minute drive from me. Turns out it was a different town with the same name.

The thing was I was so anxious in getting there and so panic striken getting back. I ran out of petrol (which was my worse nightmare) By dumb luck I broke down outside the petrol station I had been heading for, got out the car, burst into tears and two guys pushed me in. There is kindness in this world 🙂

However, when my councilor says whats the worse that can happen, well that is it and bugger off am I leaving my house again (well for a while anyway.

Finally and the main bit which is making me laugh is the stupitidy of ATOS again. For those who read my blog, you will know I was assess by ATOS for ESA (employment and support allowance) found to be crazy enough and put into the support group. I got a lovely letter from PIP stating that I had moved slightly further on in the process and they needed to assess me. So I rang ATOS to inform them that I would probably need a home visit. They informed me I need to ring DWP (department of work and pensions.) So I rang them and explained the situation and also said I was confused as to why I was ringing them.

So this is the process ATOS tell me to ring DWP. So the DWP can fax them letting them know I need a home visit. Which ATOS have already done for a different benefit and the DWP have agreed to their assessment. So I now need to go throug the whole process again because ESA and PIP cannot have a conversation together.

I am reasonable sure, we could shave millions of the benefit bill, if the departments just talk to each other.

How has everyone else been?

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