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And this is why I love my friends

After my post yesterday, I did what I always did and posted it on my facebook page. I do this because it is part of my routine and I figure, since most people know I am writing this blog they would … Continue reading

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A year

I have been dreading this month, for those sharp eyed amongst you, in my previous post I put up dates, and a year ago today I was pregnant. If things had gone according to my plan, I would be sitting … Continue reading

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Its that time of the year

Yep Christmas is coming upon us all. I dislike Christmas for various reasons and have tried not to celebrate it, however it is more difficult with a child and since he is two and seems to be aware of things … Continue reading

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What makes a superhero

This is just my ramblings of a late night, but I was thinking today what makes a superhero. With all the marvel films coming out, the new turtles film, it very much seems to you need to be an orphan, … Continue reading

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