Massive setback

Yesterday at 4pm I took the dog for a walk with my toddler, it was getting dark, but it was only going to be a quick walk. On my previous post I explained he has been having difficulty with other dogs. So I checked around, couldn’t see any dogs and took him off the lead. Suddenly another dog was there and before I could blink my dog went for this dog.

This was completely my fault, I should of been more careful, I managed to get Max back on the lead, but the other dog’s owner come running up and started yelling at me. I apologised several times, but he kept yelling that I took a swipe at his dog. I don’t think I did, I was desperatly trying to keep my son safe, while trying to pull my dog away. But he continued yelling at me.

This morning I have woken up and tried to go the shops, the very thought made me want to vomit. In the end my partner had to go for me. I am going to have to take Max for a walk later but leaving the house just makes me want to cry.

All I ever hear is whats the worse that can happen. Well everytime I leave my house, something happens, I have run out of petrol, gotten really lost, now been yelled at. I think its time to start admitting defeat and just live in my house and never leave it.

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5 Responses to Massive setback

  1. jwolff3232 says:

    I don’t want to burst your bubble, but I am a therapist, so that’s what I do sometimes. It isn’t the world outside that is geared up to get you. It’s you. Running out of gas, getting lost and taking your dog off the leash are all YOU. Be intentional about your life. Maybe if you challenge the idea that bad things are going to happen, things won’t. You might be sabotaging yourself.


    • I do agree that “bad” things will happen on the odd occasion. I would say I am feeling sorry for myself, but while I can recoginise that, my brain unfortuantly can’t. Maybe in a few days I will laugh it all off, but as it stands the outside world is a very scary place for me at the moment


  2. jwolff3232 says:

    Do you see a counselor to work on your anxiety? It can absolutely be controlled in you’re brain and your behaviors. I hear you that the world is scary, I think what i am suggesting is that one can control running out of gas, by filling up the tank. Avoid getting lost, etc, etc. in order to not contribute to the potential perils.


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