Politics today

This morning I get a text from my Dad asking me if I was watching Ian Duncan Smith on Politics today. At the time I was watching fireman sam for the 20th time.

My Dad knows how passionate I am about the benefit system and how stupid I feel it can be, so he thought this would be interesting for me.

I have now gotten round to watching it. I despair I really do, politicians need to cut money from the benefit system, so they go after those that need the money the most, the disabled and the lower classes.

They started off talking about Universal Credit. Universal credit is due to replace certain benefits

  • housing benefit
  • income support (IS)
  • jobseekers allowance (JSA)
  • employment and support allowance (ESA)
  • child tax credit and working tax credit
  • budgeting loans and crisis loans

This to me, is a great idea, as it puts a lot of departments together finally and it will be in one monthly payments rather than the three or four you might be getting so making budgeting a bit easier, the amount this is costing is ridicualas, so far it has cost 1.3 million pounds just for the IT costs and it has only be rolled out to the North West.

They next moved onto food banks. The main reason why people are forced into food banks is because benefits are stopped or it is taking too long. It takes 16 days from the time you are approved to maybe getting their money. I am not talking about the unemployed I am talking about working families who are really struggling. Why does it take 16 days from the time you are improved

Next it moved onto my faviourte subject PIP (personal independant payments). The report called it nothing more than a fisaco, which I agree with. IDS (Ian Duncan Smith) insisted that things have improved, well from someone who has been waiting since April I would disagree. Incapacity benefit was mentioned and here is some interesting figures 600,000 appeals and 40% of those were upheld. How is that possible and he mentioned the fact that people who get turned down don’t appeal so the appeal rate has gone down. Maybe this has something to do with going through the rigmarol is just too tiring.

Thousands of people have been charged wrongly for the “bedroom tax” but it is a small number so thats ok *sigh*

Housing benefits were next I loved the way this was twisted. The interviewer pointed out that more people in work were now claiming housing benefit. IDS pointed out that yes, but less people not in work weren’t. This is probably because they have gotten a job  and now are still claiming housing benefit, but taking less home than when they were on benefits.

Again and again, it was we need to cut the benefits. Need to make savings from welfare, one of the great ideas is only allowing child benefit for the first two children. I have no idea how this is going to work. With step families, adoptions, multiple births. It seems to me, that with child poverty rising this would make it so much worse. A friend of mine R posted a great status that really hit home to me

Growing up in the 80s,the harrowing images of the starving in Africa were never off our tv screens,band aid,live aid and countless other appeals to feed the those without food.Fast forward to 2014 and the adverts on tv are asking us to help to end hunger in the UK!

Look how far the political elite have taken us,use your up coming vote wisely people.

On a final note, I want to draw your attention to a few articles. I have said many times that I always see these types of articles and its these ones the newspapers come back to and do follow up stories on


When in fact it should be stories like those below they should be concentrating on.

The house of Lords have refused to cut there £265000 champaign budget


Senior DWP Manager Congratulates Staff For Hitting Sanctions Targets


DWP Telling Single Parents To Leave Young Children Home Alone, Claims MP


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