M one for you

After my massive rant yesterday, I had a friend mention how much she missed reading my blogs, so I promised her I would do one for her, although since she knows everything I am about to write, its a bit pointless but it was nice of her to say it.

With Christmas round the corner, I am done, all the presents have been wrapped. The elf is up to mischief, its fairly festive in our household.

I am still crazy, I have an app with a shrink tomorrow, probably to get more labels stuck on me, but I am hoping, she maybe able to suggest something that will stop me having such horrible mood swings. My sleep has gotten much worse again. I miss sleeping at night

PIP is a joke, they have sent me a letter informing me that I have to getmy doctor’s note from ESA and then send that on to them with the SAE. This is after being told they could email it to each other. Why do I have to get the same information twice for the same company.

My dog is also still mad, however we have changed his diet and that seems to be having some effect, which is great. Although whether it is the food, or just the amount of intense training we have put it is debatable. Maybe a bit of both.

My little boy is in his first nativity on Thursday, which is rather exciting.

And just because I know M likes a good plug, my very talented friend made this


so if you have a little girl, and want a good christmas present, it might be worth a look.

Finally I am not sure if I will get on here before Christmas. So if I don’t have a Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays.

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