I am more than just a mum

Dear old friends

I call you you old friends because since I have had my son, we have grown apart. I am not sure if this is due to me, or you, or both. I know that I was quite during the first year, it was a whole new experience for me. I had to change my thinking, my attitude. I was no longer thinking, should I go to the Alex (pub) tonight or maybe the Garden (another pub) I was having to make finacial decisions based on whether by the end of it I could afford nappies.

Don’t get me wrong, you, my old friends have been there for some of toughess times, and you have never given up on me, no matter what. It puzzles me that while we might not talk for months on ends, we still pick up where we left off. I knew that no matter the time I could call you when in need. You have been there.

But now, I have a small one fairly attached to me, we were all once like this, and yet there is now nothing. I feel like I can talk to random strangers on the internet easier than I can now talk to you.

I dislike this, I am not saying it should be the way it was. That would be wrong, the reason why we have been friends so long, is the ability to realise that things change. We are not going to be the same people we were three or even six months ago.

So here is the deal, A week tomorrow, I shall ring you, it will be your choice to pick up or not. I am phoning to reconnect. Maybe arrange a meet up, because our friendship is not dead, it just needs to be woken up. Maybe we can arrange to go to the pub, or if you want to be involved with the small one, go to an indoor play area (trust me, this is fun) or a farm or whatever.

I know that some people just don’t get kids and I could repeat the whole, you won’t know till you have one, which is great if you want one. Some of you just don’t, so why should you suffer, you don’t have to, I am my own person. I am still the person you knew, but my view on life has changed, just like your experiences will have changed you.

I am not saying this lack of communication is your fault. I am very much to blame as well. But we can change it, I know we can, and if we can’t. I have had some great memories of us. And I will always cherise them.

Lots of love



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2 Responses to I am more than just a mum

  1. dbp49 says:

    I just wanted to thank-you for visiting my Blog, it is always nice to get new visitors, and I hope you don’t mind me stopping by. Please feel free to visit any time. 🙂


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