I often wonder…..

When I started this blog, I started it with the intention of it being a benefits blog about the struggles I face trying to get benefits, as it has gone on, to explain things and to get my point across I have revealed certain things about me, which is only to be expected on this journey.

But I sat and watched the news for the first time in a very long time yesterday and I was watching, along with most the rest of the world Paris. And as it came to the end I wondered whether I should put my point of view about what had happened. Then it got me wondering whether I should mention things that I see for example Stephen Fry getting married.

It then occurred to me, that my views are very simple and I probably could not get a sentance out of them let alone a paragraph. So my views on the world news at the moment. What bastards those gunmen in Paris where, my heart goes out to the families of the dead. Congratulations to Stephen Fry. I hope they find that plane soon and explain what happened. And lets hope the weather doesn’t get much worse for the North of the country.

You see, I was very much in my younger days a drama queen. I still sometimes can be, but as I have gotten older, I don’t need the drama and the stress in my life, so I have simplified my life, yes I still have views about things and I can still get heated, but its not really needed, when so many people have so many different points of views, and the thing is, there is not really a correct answer to life questions, its a point of view and that is it.

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