I swear ATOS and my Council are trying to send me to an early grave

Nearly 11 months after starting the process of claiming for PIP I have finally received a letter from ATOS for an app. This is good news I hear you cheer. No because they want me to go to an assessment centre. The thing is its not too far away and I know if I was manic and the mood took me I could probably make it there. The problem being is if I could predict my moods then I wouldn’t be claiming for PIP and if I could get there when I was feeling “normal” then I wouldn’t be claiming PIP. So now, I have to go through the whole process of getting them to come for a home visit, luckly I have already started this by getting my doctor to write a note.

My council bless their hearts have sent me a lovely letter asking me to pay my council tax, to remind people, they have suspended my Housing benefit claim, leaving us short, so we have had to prioritise bills, normally council tax is at the top of my list but until we get another payment from the government (or my OH gets paid, whichever is going to come first( all out bills have been delayed. I am tempted to send them a letter, simlilar to this:

To Whom it my concern

Suspension of payment of council tax

I am writing to advise you that payment of our council tax has been suspended as of 05/01/2015

This has been suspended because we have informed you of a change in circumanstances which has meant that our housing benefit claim has been suspended, thus placing us in financial difficulties and unable to afford anything other than the basics.

I am willing to pay as soon as this has been resolved but until then we have 0.21p for the rest of the month, which you will have to fight over along with British Gas.

If you wish to speak to a member of our household regarding this letter then please telephone our house (providing our landline has not been cut off, because our mobiles have)

Your Sincerley

Not sure how it would go down and I probably would never do it, but it is tempting all the same.

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