I want more and more and more and

Since I have been feeling better, I have been thinking lots (as I have said this is bad) but I think I am now ready to try for another baby.

Myself and my partner stopped due to my mental health. But now having had nearly 10 whole good days in a row, I believe I am ready. Now when I say I am ready, what is happening in my brain is the voice telling me I am worthless and I should just get it over with is fading. Instead I now have a great big booming voice screaming at the top of its lungs I WANT A BABY

I shall chat to the voice of reason my OH, who will want to wait and make sure this medication is working and we are more financially settled, However I shall keep dreaming

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2 Responses to I want more and more and more and

  1. donna says:

    Your get there 🙂


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