It was nice while it lasted

So after ten days of taking these new drugs I started to notice I wasn’t feeling good anymore. Infact I was starting to feel a bit depressed. I have let it lie, hoping it was a blip but today I got up and decided to go to the beach (I live a good fourty minutes away from any beach.) So I think I can say with confidence the tablets have stopped working and are no longer stabalising my mood.

In addition to this, I am no longer sleeping again, so I went a bit crazy and spammed this blog, I now have a twitter feed, facebook page plus I have started to join blog sites. So not sure what happened there, but I seem to be getting a lot of views. Plus I finally caught up and visited and read the blogs of people who have been kind enough to follow me or like my posts. That felt good. That I was in a good enough place to return the favour

On top of all this, the council wrote me a lovely letter reinstating my housing benefit, but stating that I now owe them £800 over four month. Which is stupid as I was getting £400 a month from them, so they are saying I wasn’t allowed 50% of the money they awarded me a month. Something else to fight I suppose

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