Twice in two days I have been confirmed mad.

My title is in jest, although true. Yesterday, I had an app with my shrink, the last was a month ago, he has now prescribed me a higher dose of the anti depressenant I am on (and worked for 10 straight days) and to try and control the mood swings I am now an antipsychotic, which to me is the cream of saying yes you are indeed crazy.

Then this morning I got a letter from my doctor, she has written to the department of work and pensions confirming that due to my anxiety I am unable to attend any assessment that is not in my house. Which again goes to show that I am not “normal”

Now while I am taking the mick out of my own situation. The shrink prescribing different type drugs and upping the dosage while I am not thrilled with it, does mean he listened to me and is taking me seriously and my doctor writing the letter not only means I have confirmation that she does believe me and it is another step on the road to getting PIP. All this is my mind is a good thing, I for some reason struggle that people believe me, I suppose because for so long I have tried to hide it and can put on a face over the depression and the mood swings.

Hopefully this will speed up the process not only of getting PIP but also getting off benefits and getting well again

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