To keep a secret

I am rubbish with keeping secrets about my own life. I mean really rubbish, Christmas was a nightmare for me not to turn around to my son and tell him what he was getting. Basically we had to keep a sock near by to shove it in.

However my friends, know they can talk to me and it will stay between us, as long as it is mentioned that it is a secret. Otherwise its open season, I have found now, that as I get older I am getting better with not blurting things out.

But in the past two days, two significant things has happened to me and I can’t really talk about them in anything but a general way. One is a really big thing, a friend F has asked me to help her with something, and it is given me a massive boast in confidence and I am so proud to be asked and I can’t wait to get started.

The second is big, but we need more details before I can say anything.

It hurts being such an open book and not being able to mention stuff, especially big things but hopefully in a few days I will and then it will be a massive let down because it won’t be as exciting as I think it is

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3 Responses to To keep a secret

  1. M says:

    Whatever it is, it will be exciting as we’ll be waiting for the news!


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