This morning

I have woken up this morning, feeling the worse I have in weeks.

I found it so difficult to get out of bed, I hate my body, I think its fat, I am seriously thinking of shaving all my hair off, I don’t want to be here, today is one big struggle.

I am not even sure why I am writing, I suppose I thought it might help. It hasn’t.

The only saving grace is the fact I am feeling something,much better than when I am indifferent to everything

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2 Responses to This morning

  1. 3tara says:

    Sucks you feel this way today. I totally get when you said the only saving grace is you are feeling something other than indifferent. Try and do something nice for yourself, you deserve it.

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    • I have spent the majority of the day feeling sorry for myself and tbh my mood hasn’t improved much.

      The worse thing I have ever had is in my really dark days I would look at my son and think I should really be feeling something towards you. So to me, I would rather be feeling down and not wanting to do anything than the other. I am however going to have a bath and just stay in there. That will be my nice thing 🙂

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