A happy post

So given my last few posts of woe is me, I thought I would try and do a happy post. I am doing this for a few reasons, so that you readers, don’t think God she is a miserable cow, and so I don’t think it and so I have something I can come back to when I am down. So here is a list of happy things

1. My son – he is the most important thing in my life and no matter what he takes me at face value, he doesn’t care if we end up going out in our PJ’s (yes I really have done this.) He makes me laugh, I dont think I have had a depressive period where he hasn’t made me at least smile.

2. I suppose my OH should be here, he has gone through so much and has put up with so much that I sometimes look at him and think why the hell are you still here.

3. My family – I have always felt the odd one out in my family and so I suppose have been guilty of  pushing them away, but no matter how many times I do that, they come back even stronger, they have and are always there for me and it does give me a nice warm feeling that I can ring them up and pour my heart out and get some sensible answer and not just what I want to hear (ok that annoys me but I know it is good for me)

4. My friends, I have a lovely group of friends who are always there for me. I know at times I have been a bitch, yet they have stayed with me. Some of them have been around for ten years

5. Facebook, it helps me to keep in touch with friends, family, and I have my games (marvel being the main one)

6. My house, we lived in a flat for three years before and now we are in a house with a garden. I love my garden

7. My bed. I love my bed its comfy, warm and lovely

8. My cat and dog. Both mad but lovely and amazing

9. The NHS, a weird one but I dont think I would still be here without it

10. My son. I know I have mentioned him, but to be honest he does make me giggle and he is so amazing, he is worth mentioning twice

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2 Responses to A happy post

  1. Now, this post made me feel much better and I am glad that you have people to help you through the hard times. Clare

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