spreadsheets and paperwork

Friday’s are my paperwork day. Its when I catch up on letters, call the DWP and ATOS, make app with the doctor, fill in the calander. You get the point.

Today, was also the first day that I felt good enough to be able to do my budget spreadsheet. Due to the council suspending my housing benefit and a general burying my head in the sand regarding finances, January has been written off and we might have to spend the next few months catching up on non essential bills, not a major problem as long as nothing goes wrong (touch wood)

Anyway back to my spreadsheets. Its a joke amongst my friends that I have a slight obsession with spreadsheets, but I firmly believe that spreadsheets can solve most problems, and they are fantastic for working out budgets, so today has been fairly productive and I now know where all our money is going. Plus we have recently had a fishmonger open near us, I love supporting local business and once a month go to the butchers and buy all our meat for the month, I have wanted a fishmongers for ages, and I personally don’t think supermarkets fish cut it, but that is me. So now once a week we are going to have a fish evening, which I had to add in as well

Also I had the mental people round to try and get me out the house. I have recently changed ladies, so this was a meet and great for us, she has some grand ideas of things that we can do, and I am just thinking good luck with that. But take each day as it comes.

Finally some good news on my PIP. DWP have received my doctor’s note, scanned it and passed it onto ATOS (who I discovered last looked at my claim in November) but this is the final step for me trying to get a home visit, if this fails, then I would have to appeal, I think.

All in all today has been a good day, well apart from the fact that my mum cancelled lunch on me. Hopefully she gets better soon, cause I was looking forward to a lunch with no small child, as much as I love him, you can’t enjoy a lunch while watching a small child, especially one who no fits into a high chair and won’t sit still for love nor money.

Oh and I found this yesterday, it made me smile, hopefully it will make some of you out there smile as well

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