Just bloody typical

It is rare I have things planned, my calender is usually for when things go in and out of the bank, or things to do with my son.

So you can imagine my surprise when I opened the post today, to find that ATOS have agreed to do a home visit on the 17th between 10 and 12.

This is great news, I think to myself, this is something I have been fighting for, for 10 months, this is fantastic………… I stop as I look at the calender, there the only thing on it that isn’t money going in or out the bank. The one and only thing this month is my app with my shrink, the other thing I had to fight for. On the 17th at 11am.

I am still slamming my head against said calender

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2 Responses to Just bloody typical

  1. Ayla says:

    This is where you wish you get the shrink to write a letter to ATOS telling them to bugger off and rearrange because you won’t be in – you’re at an appointment with him!
    Honestly, ATOS are so pants. *hugs*

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