Stay at home mum or disabled

I was asked the other day, what it is I do. Now I have two choices really, I can say I am a stay at home mum or I can say I am disabled so don’t work.

The thing is, to me stay at home mum, is a choice that yourself and your partner have made that one parent is going to stay at home and raise the kids. Its a dicussion that has been had, a decision made based on many things. Not I wake up and can’t move out of bed, don’t really care about anything and then try to yourself.

So being a stay at home mum doesn’t really fit in with what I think it is. However I dislike telling people I am disabled, because to me I am not. I am mad, maybe crazy, I would say I am housebound but not disabled. Maybe I just have some really weird views

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7 Responses to Stay at home mum or disabled

  1. The Professionally Depressed Professional says:

    I know exactly what you mean, however, my husband is the stay-at-home parent. You can imagine the grief we take since I have been on a medical leave these past 5 months. Being the higher income earner, we agreed that he would stay home for the sake of the kids. It has been difficult in terms of finances. We don’t travel the world or go on elaborate trips as a family, but the closeness we share is amazing. And, with regards to the disability question: WTF! It’s no one’s business but yours! Sorry, had to let that out. I’ve dealt with the same question and have answered, “thanks for your concern, but I don’t talk about it with people.” Shuts them down, fast. Take care.


  2. alfgarnet says:

    People,, mad ?? No, does not compute, Goverment, hell them lot been on day release from the looney bin for nearly 5 years Lolll ,


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