Black dog

I hate the phrase, black dog, but it seems to be the one everyone knows without having to go into explaination.

Anyway he/it hit me yesterday and boy did I get suckered punched by him, my little boy is ill so I am not getting a lot of sleep, I am drinking, I am drinking a ridiculas amount and you know I don’t want to change, no one is helping me, I say I am depressed and my medication gets upped, my partner lost his job due to me, my son, I have no idea how he is as advanced as he is,

I have gotten to the end, I am struggling to try and figure why I am still here, I go to sleep for four hours and I am wide awake then I get the fun of 6 hours where I feel like crap. I basically am living on a roundabout. And yet the governement seems to think this is a good life. I would like to buy a melon for each politiacian that thinks this is a good way of life and shove it up their arse.

The only choice I have to try and get extra money are payday loans or car logs loans, Do you know if I took a car log loan for £1000 I would be paying close to £40 a week for something like 70 weeks, I would pay back 3k. 3k??????

And we wonder why people are in debt, try because we get a £600 gas bill and we have to choose between getting bailifs round or paying £50 a month for 24 months and no one cares that at some point it occurs to the person that we cant afford food that month, but its ok because we can get a bit more money and it will only cost another £14, but then the next month we can afford our bills and so we to get another payday loan to pay for the last one, and then we start slowly sinking.

When exactly is the government going to take responsibility that these “lenders” or loan sharks are preying on the vunreable because the goverment in their wisdom are stripping us from any money they once gave us,

Ten months it has taken me to get as far as I have done, ten months. In ten months I could of had a child, in ten months we have dealt with christmas. 10 months, I am damn lucky that we have been able to support ourselves, but that is now coming to an end.

But its ok the government have lived up to all their promises. Oh shit, no the haven’t…………………

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