Not sure if this a good thing

I have mentioned a few times about the crazy people who come round and try and take me out.

Since about Christmas, I have dreaded these visits I would literally do anything to get out of them. Its nothing to do with these people, they are great and do a tough job, but I am just not ready, I have been dodging the last lady now for a good couple of weeks. I want to say to them, look I am not ready, but it would mean they discharge me and then I would have to start at the begining, but also if I don’t I am wasting a valuable resource for someone else. So either way, I am being a bit of a shit.

The lady came round today at 10am, once again I have been getting myself in a panic about it and I sat down with her and said enough, I just can’t do it anymore. She was lovely about it but informed me, that they will have to discharge me from their care.

I am not sure how to feel about this, it has taken me so long to get this help that now I feel like I have given up, but for the sake of my mental health, I just can’t do it every week

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