A reason why I am blessed with my friends

Last night was a terrible night, I fell asleep on my sofa about midnight, woke up at 4am very stiff, thought ooohhh four hours not bad, but was still tired, so I dragged myself to bed, only to be suddenly wide awake and working myself up into a state about money and not being able to afford sending my 2 year old to uni (I don’t know why, if I knew that I probably wouldn’t be so crazy)

In the end I got up rather than tossing and turning, 7am up gets my son, excited it was no longer dark (this child gets excited about throwing rubbish in the bin) I am still wide awake, my OH gets a lie in till 8am, we take the dog for a walk and I start feeling tired. We get back and I am asleep on my feet, so my OH packs me off to bed.

He wakes me up 2 hours later, with the post, Its my birthday on Monday, and I had received a package from someone, I didn’t recoginise the handwriting, so I opened it and in it was what you can see in the picture above. M, my lovely M had sent me a card and a present, I was so thrilled and it really has made my day. M, is always there for me to bend her ear, she shares my blog on line. She stalks me a little bit but I feel thats how we know we are good friends. We share a love for books and Sean Bean.

I am writing this mainly so I can look back and just think well, 1. God she is great and 2. I am really lucky with my friends

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