Its birthday time

Its my birthday today and I look back at the past year and not much has changed. Well not as much as I would want to, but its been a good day.

My little boy woke me up at 4am to celebrate, I am now not looking forward to his birthday and the time as to when I shall be up.

I think my fav bit of today, is the way people treat my crazieness. I have always found that I need to take the mick otherwise I will cry. My friend M got me my new favourite T Shirt (in the photo) along with posting this “Have a brilliantday. Anything special planned for the most important day of the year?”

My sister got me a card which stated “once you realise we are all mad life starts to make sense”

One of my best friends C wrote this on facebook “All hail the Queen of the World on this very special day! Happy birthday to the craziest bestie a girl could ever have!”

My other best friend J wrote ”

Would like to wish a very lovely lady and my craziest best friend  a very happy birthday. Hope you have a fantastic day hun xxx lots of love and squishes xxx

There are many other example of this and while I know how seriously they do take mental health its good to have a laugh once in a while.

All in all its been a good day. My mum came and took us for lunch, and I have spoken to all my family, Tonight my OH is cooking me a lovely meal.

Sometimes life can be damn good

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  1. Music is good for the blues, too 🙂 Happy Birthday! 🙂

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