Weird day

The title is not exact, since all of my days are weird for some reason or another. But I think today has taken the biscuit. First thing I decided to cut my own hair.

I can already hear your deep intake of my breath and gasps of disbelief. Both F and M told me it was a bad idea, I was to leave it alone and not cut it, but what I have found is during my bad days I don’t bother getting dressed let alone brushing my hair and then when I do finally get around to doing it, God it hurts, especially as it was getting to the stage of reaching my stomach. So I thought this would be perfect, I followed an instruction video on you tube.

So I started off looking like I had a mullet from the 70’s and as it has dried it has turned into Ripley from Alien in the 80’s look. I was hoping it might start resembling something from this century but its not to be. Yes I have indeed well and truly fucked up my hair. Its at times like this I find having social anxiety and never leaving my house to be a good thing.

I would like to say I do blame C for the whole haircut situation, she was the one that encouraged me to have my hair cut

Next, I got a letter from DWP (Department of work and pensions) about ESA (Employment Support Allowance) I shall now paste the following facebook status. And you can enjoy watching the penny drop.

Thanks Government, I really appreciate yet another cut in my benefits for no other reason than the fact you are fucking bastards

  • J: who do we need to set fire too
  • Me: ESA they have cut it by over £200 a month
  •  J: Shit thats a lot. They given any reason
  •  Me: Due to cuts
    J: Thats fucking awful. Can u appeal?
  • Me: I need to reread the letter when I am not in a mood that basically says I need to take said letter and shove it down david Cameron throat
  • Me: Nothing to appeal against. They are cutting it
  • J: I like that plan, paper cuts in throat surely they shouldnt make descicions like that til after elections
  • Me: Guess I am special
  • J: That you are me lovely
  • Me:  Right hang on
  • Me: *snort* I don’t think special covers it
  • J: Maybe unique is a better word
  • Me: Stupid might be a better word
  • N: Confused. There are no cuts to esa that I’m aware of. Read the letter again as it might be they’ve reassessed your claim?
  • J: Ur not stupid
  • Me: N I do believe I have read the letter slightly wrong
  • Me: No j I think on this one I am
  •  J: ^^^ thats what happens when your pissed off
  •  J: Ok maybe academically challenged! Sounds nicer lol
  •  Me:  It might be possible that I read said letter and assumed that the nice bit at the back which told me how much money I get was every two weeks rather than weekly
  • J:So is your money the same?
  • Me :If I am therefore right my money has gone up by 80p a week.

    Well this is embarrassing. Thank christ I hadn’t blogged about it yet
  • J: Lol just delete post no one will ever know
  • R: This has made me giggle
  • Me: Na. That would be less funny
  • Me: Twice in two days R. I am on a roll
  • J: Can we still shove letter down DC throat? Too misleading and confusing
  • R: Now say sorry to that nice Mr Cameron
    J:  What are you going to spend your extra £3.20 a month on
  • Me: J of course we can. Plus I still need to get it confirmed. 

    R. Did it hurt to call him nice? Also I would rather sacrafice my mother to the gods than apologise to that nicanpoop
    The conversation does go on, but it starts getting boring 😉
    So it has been a very weird day, but ultimately, its someone elses fault (I jest, well apart from the hair that is C’s fault)
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