Its the small things

Today reality hit, living on one wage for over a year now and over  the past few months robbing peter to pay paul, has finally ended and we have no money, no food (I am sure we can sort something) and bills coming out of our ears, we are in the basic language screwed. Not really sure where to go from here,

So having realised this I had two choices, I could go back to bed, wallow in self pity and allow myself to succumb to depression (this was tempting) or I could keep my promise to my son and go and see trains.

My son you see is obssessed with any emergency vehicles, diggers and trains. Some children want to go to soft play, my son wants to go down to the train station, which involves walking past the hospital, thus seeing between 1 and 11 ambulances, all of which we have to wave at, and then jump up and down if we get waved at back (the best is when they have sirens going, lights and the poor driver who is trying to dodge cars, to get to an emergency waves back) get to the train station and wave at the two trains, the trains are three minutes apart going in opposite directions. Then go to the park for half an hour befoe heading back to the train station to wave at the trains again, before walking home and waving at, yep you got it ambulances.

On some days we might see police cars. A really good day involves seeing fire engines, on those days I honestly think my son’s head might explode.

So I got dressed and we went to see trains. Then when we got home, my partner, decided it was a great idea to give a 2 year old chocolate spread sandwiches .

My son is bouncing off the walls now, I might now go with plan A and let my OH deal with it, either way I am going to have to sort out the finances on Friday (paperwork day) and try and figue where to go from here

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