The wonder of children

I spent most of yesterday evening asleep on the sofa, most of the night waking up being either too hot or too cold. Then at about 4 am I started throwing up. It was not pleasant, as you can imagine, I am lucky in the fact my OH is home, so he left me to have a lie in.

The only way I can describe how I felt was I went for a night out on the tiles and drunk way too much. This however was not the case.

At about 10am I drag my body from the bed, wondering if I could spend the rest of the day by the toilet. Walked down the stairs, to find my little boy and his dad about to go the shops. According to my son to get bread. So I managed to get myself comfortable on the sofa, wearing a pathetic look , just in time for them to arrive home.

I have found with toddlers, but it could be with all children, that if they are ill everything stops so that you look after them, hugs, kisses, various food stuff is to be made avaliable, as soon as they are demanded . But the other way doesn’t work, if you are ill then tough, the world still revolves round them.

However today I have been looked after wonderfully by my son, he wrapped me in a blanket and gave me one of his stuffed toys, told the dog to shhhh, found me medicine, then when I finally succumed and went back to bed, he came up with me and tucked me in with his favourte toys and told his Daddy to shhhh, mummy was sleeping.

I still feel like pants, but its nice to be looked after, even if it was a bit rough

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2 Responses to The wonder of children

  1. Sweet little man you have there. He will make a good husband one day.

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