So far an excellent day

As it hit 9am this morning. I was on the phone to Department of work and pensions, finding out about my PIP. I have been awarded it and they are backdating the money to April. I am sure the lady said some other things and gave me some more information but to be honest I was so in shock, I actually stopped listening, I couldn’t take anything in, but just wow.

I mentioned in previous posts and in my about page I mention that this blog was all about my fight with getting the benefits, I have done that now, I am sure I will still have problems but, I am there. However I am now changing it, I shall keep posting, about my craziness, and also I shall continue fighting for the rights of people who go through a system that is so flawed.

Then at 10am, my friends once again proved how great they are. I mentioned in a previous post how skint we are, this is down to various things, but at 10am an Asda van turned up and knocked on my door. My friends had banded together to buy me thisbastard friends

That would be lots of shopping, which is going to get us through the weekend and beyond. (They got us cheese and cheese is excellent, my son wanted baked macaroni tonight)

I may have shed a tear or two, at how amazing my mates are, I think I have said before we have done this once or twice, but I never expected it to happen to me.  I have automatically returned to my natural instinct and to insult the whole lot of them, in various ways and means, but they know it is all said with love

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