The Ian Duncan Smith Letter

A couple of days ago I said I had received a letter from IDS (Ian Duncan Smith) with regards to the wait I have had in PIP, So here are bits of it, it is three pages long, but the first page is the only page which actually deals with my case. I have put in my thoughts in bold and italic

Dear (my MP)

Thank you for your letter of 13th January on behalf of its good to be crazy regarding Personal Independence Payment. I apologise for the delay in replying

Its ok I am getting very use to delays 

I understand that its good to be crazy made a claim to PIP on 7th March 2014 and her completed PIP2 fom was forwarded to the DWP assessment provider Atos on 10th April

This is all very true

Officals have confirmed that an appointment was made for its good to be crazy to attend an assessment centre on 21st January. However its good to be crazy asked for the appointment to be rearranged to allow her to provide further medicial evidence in support for a home assessment. Its good to be crazy assessment centre appointment has now been rearranged for 13th March. Should the additional medical evidence povided support it. Its good to be crazy assessment will take place at home on that date.

Actually what I spent 4-5 weeks doing was being told that the DWP that was involved in my ESA claim could forward on the doctor’s letter to say I needed a home visit.

Its good to be crazy has highlighted the fact that she previously underwent a medical assessment in support of her claim to ESA.

ESA and PIP are different benefits paid for very different reasons (the letter then goes into why they are different)

This still misses of the point that I was tying to get the letter that was sent by my doctor to ESA to be forwarded on to the people who were doing PIP, not the health assessment although that would of been good, but just the doctor’s note to say I needed a home visit. 

The letter then goes on to discuss how PIP is a new benefit and how they are looking at improving it, this goes on for a full page, its a bit like when you tell a child you want an essay to fill an A4 piece of paper and they just write bigger.

I would include it all but you could read it in any interview IDS has done about PIP or Atos. Its a joke

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4 Responses to The Ian Duncan Smith Letter

  1. It probably doesn’t 😛

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  2. I was really hoping someone would argue with me, but I guess everyone is in agreement they really don’t have a clue 😉


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