Damn you OCD to hades and back again

As I have mentioned I have OCD, mine is in the form of routine, things have to be done on the right day, at the right time in the right way.

My poor OH gets told off for not doing the housework, when he does it he gets told off for not doing it right and I do it again. Now when I say right I do mean my way.

However I do believe my OCD is getting worse, since it was such a lovely day today, we had the patio doors open so my son could run in and out to his hearts content. I was folding clothes, this is one of the tasks that has to be done in the right way. My son decided he wanted to help. What usually happens is he mucks up the system, and I have to breath very deeply and slowly to stop myself from killing him. Today though, today I yelled at him, for putting the trousers in before the T shirts.

I have never done that before, it drives me potty when he “helps” but I think its great that he finds doing things like the washing machine great fun, so its a matter of biting my lip and encouraging him, even though he is not doing it the way I would.

I think its probably coming to the point that I am going to have to look into different techniques to control this

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2 Responses to Damn you OCD to hades and back again

  1. Noel says:

    I would encourage you to get some advise. Perhaps trying cognitive behavioral therapy would help. Hope you can find the answer.


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