Some news I suppose

My life is still very boring and to be honest is just the way I like it, boring means no stress. Although it has been interesting.

We have caught up on all out debts and bills and it feels good, like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, it really is amazing.

I believe I mentioned my cat Jones (if you have ever seen Aliens you might get the reference) went missing, two weeks later he is still missing, however we have had reports that he has been seen.

But I went a bit manic and in my head he was never going to come home, So I went and got some more. Now I know I was manic because I ended up in London to achieve this. So we have Sheldon and Gizmo and one quite pissed off partner. And possible cat when he turns up.

My partner has been let go from his job, he is appealing but its unlikely he will win, but we can but try.

I have a new jumper, yep thats how exciting my life gets. I have a new jumper that says “more issues than vogue”,

Well it made me laugh

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2 Responses to Some news I suppose

  1. What a great saying. It made me laugh, too. I really hope that Jones has returned home by now. I’ll keep reading some more of your posts to try and get an update. Thanks. Clare

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