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Its the small things

Today reality hit, living on one wage for over a year now and over  the past few months robbing peter to pay paul, has finally ended and we have no money, no food (I am sure we can sort something) … Continue reading

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Why not me?

I know the reason why I am as mental as I am is because of my miscarriage. I have also said I was a bit mental but the miscarriage certainly triggered something inside me, which made me a lot worse. … Continue reading

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Weird day

The title is not exact, since all of my days are weird for some reason or another. But I think today has taken the biscuit. First thing I decided to cut my own hair. I can already hear your deep … Continue reading

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Irony is someone with OCD and social anxiety changing their routine and getting locked out of the house. Last time I change my routine

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Have you found?

I would love more comments on my blogs, so I thought if I asked a question maybe people will answer it. Since I have been writing, I have found that a lot of people have told me that I am … Continue reading

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Another step

Today ATOS came round for my home visit, I am in a fairly good mood, so I have no idea how it went. I was honest, explained everything that was the problem, held nothing back. She seemed really nice, whether … Continue reading

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Its birthday time

Its my birthday today and I look back at the past year and not much has changed. Well not as much as I would want to, but its been a good day. My little boy woke me up at 4am … Continue reading

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