Just remember not show how mad you are

I had this conversation with a friend. Bit of background I need to move my son out of his nursery, due to a lot of little things I am no longer happy to keep him where he is. I am his mother its my choice

I got told today to make sure I don’t look so mad, by putting on lip gloss. Added to that Don’t act mad because they might choose another child over yours because people want a simple life, make sure you dress right so you don’t look mad

There were a couple of other choice views, mine being if I got discriminated against due to my mental state I am fairly sure I could sue under the disabilty discimination act. Lip gloss does nothing for me and I am a mum to a toddler, I feel it is lucky I get dressed in the right sort of clothes

To say I am pissed of that this view has come from someone I know is an understatment, To have this view is just ridiculas, To allow my child to spend time with a person with this view in my eyes, is like having a black child and sending them to your local racisit neighbour.

Its views like this that make it hard for people to be honest that they have a chemical inbalance in their head

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