Am I doing this right and other rambilings

I often wonder if I am doing this blog thing right, but I suppose its a personal thing whether you post daily, weekly or hourly.

That was the first thought of the day, my second was I need a damn clock in my room, so that I don’t make the same mistake I did this morning and get up at 5am thinking its 7

I have to ring my doctor as well, due to OCD this is a Friday job. You see the last time I had a shrink app, he wanted me to get my bloods done to put me on a new medication but I screwed up that app with the nurse and have to make a new one, this does mean I will have been without medication for a month, since my prescription wasn’t renewed. I personally don’t feel any difference, but then at the moment I am finding it difficult to feel anything (this was the same as when I was on the medication)

Since I am being forced to ring people, my little boy is being moved nursery’s and I have to find him a new one, so another phonecall.

But the most important thing at the moment in my head is finding a clock, do you think I can make a decision no. So if I can’t make a decision on a clock what do you think the chances of making a decision on a nursery

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