I so love being on benefits (sarcasm)

I was going to do a lovely happy blog about how today I drove nearly two hours to take my son to the zoo and what a great time we have had and how I feel that in general I am improving.

Apart from the fact when we got home exhausted, after seeing the zoo and having a lovely time. I opened the one letter we had, which was from the council.

It was a lovely letter informing me that they have suspended my housing benefit. The reason behind this is because my ESA has been stopped. Which I was blissfully unaware of and wouldn’t of figured out till Friday, when I phoned them to ask why they hadn’t put the money in my account.

Thus meaning after sorting ourselves out and getting back on track. We have for some reason lost half the amount of money I get in. this is a lovely thrilling prospect and has put me right back down.

I feel that because I am unable to do anything, I am going to get very drunk tonight. bury my head in the sand until tomorrow when I shall get my OH to phone for me

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