An open letter to my council

To whom it may concern

I am writing with regards to my housing benefits cut. This is due to my ESA “ceasing” (your words not mine) I would like to explain why what you have done is wrong and the reasons why. First off let me say that I am greatful for the benefit system in this country, but in a time when those that are on benefits are the most vunerable, your system seems to be to make their (and mine) lives worse.

Now I say your system, because in the past three years I have been with two different councils, these councils are 5.1 miles apart, the first council I was with, I have mentioned before. I went there with all my paperwork, got an answer the same day. Any differences or change of circumstances I would go down and inform them and they would change it that day, and get a new figure. Your any change of circumstances take two to five days.

In my case you were informed somehow that my ESA stopped, so you decided to stop my housing benefit. Just to make this clear, most families get in benefits housing benefit, tax credits, maybe working tax credits, some may get income support or ESA, We also get PIP, but what has happened is that you thought my ESA had stopped so automatically stopped my HB (housing benefit) therefore reducing what we recieve by half, it is actually more because ESA and HB are my two largest money amounts I get, I understand your reasoning behind it. I could of gotten a job and therefore my HB would go down and if you didn’t suspend it then I could get an overage that I would have to pay back. But my ESA hadn;t stopped and even if it had, automatically stopping my HB without checking properly, just relying on an automatic email is a stupid system. You are using a computer to decide things, computers like humans can go wrong.

The lovely photo I have put up. This onepaperwork

This is the paperwork I have recieved from you, in under a month. This is changes your computer has informed you of. of my change of circumastances. This is nothing to do with me. This is all, something has been percieved to have happened in my life and so therefore you need to resend me a stack load of letters. (there is actually more but the dog ate it)

I am just asking you to look at how other councils do things, because your system is not working and is failing the most vunerable in a society which you are meant to protect, I beg you to look at it, because while I could be classed as vunerable due to my mental diability. There are people out there in a far worse position financially and there are people out there in a far worse position disability wise. So please, look at what is going wrong in your system

Your Sincerely

Its good to be crazy. Sometimes

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