life insurance?

Since we have gotten ourselves in a good place, I decided that it was time to relook at getting life insurance. We had it when my son was first born, but then as mental health took a dive so did paying things, so I decided to get some, as I feel  it is important.

And here I hit my problem, my mental health is a significant factor in me getting life insurance. It is something that never occured to me. So now I can’t get any right now, my partner can, but he is less of a risk (which is why I am assuming they won’t insure me) or I could lie.

I dislike lying, and it is illegal in this case but I do find it a tad unfair that I can’t get any.

I want to desperatly have a go at the insurance companies, but it does make sense, they are a business…..

I might try ringing up and crying down the phone, that sometimes help

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