Things I have learnt about theme parks

As I said in my previous post I have been going to a large amount of theme parks. Now I maybe a little manic and as C has said normally I crash, I am hoping not to on this occassion till after Monday, if I had any choice in this. Because Monday Brooklands museum is doing there emergency service parade. For my son this is like heaven  and I wossed out last year, so I am hoping I can do it this year.

Anyway we have been to four theme parks recently and here are my findings.

Longleat Safari – Good for younger kids, if you were to eat here, I would not expect much, personally the food is not worth the money and quite a lot isn’t open during the quite period, but the safari is always fun along with going through the monkey bit, the staff were not as welcoming as I would like

Legoland – Great for younger kids, I think there was only one ride my 1m son couldn’t go on, I would probably for most of these places bring a picnic. Although they do do all you can eat, which looks like good value. Again I personally think the staff could be a tad more friendly. And weirdly the park closes a few days a week.

Chessington – Again great for younger kids, the zoo is really good. I found myself staring at a tiger with only a pane of glass between us. Wasn’t impressed with the food here, but the service from all the staff was amazing and really friendly

Thorpe Park – wouldn’t take young kids here. Out of the 27 rides we could only go on 8 (there were 10 but 2 were closed) Considering it is for the more older children or those going with there mates. The staff were amazing with my son. Good value for money as well with regards to the food. All you can eat buffet was £12 for the 3 of us and both my partner and my son can pack away a large amount.

I would suggest if you can, and you want it quite going during the week, when it is raining. We didn’t queue up for more than 5 minutes with any of the rides we went on. I barely noticed the crowds because there just weren’t any.

There you go this is my first and probably only attempt at a travel type blog thing, because if I crash I am probably never leaving my house. If however I am cured I am going to go and find a job

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