The thing about a woman’s body

I say a woman’s body it could just be mine. Is that once a month most women expect their period. Let me assure you its not riding on a horse on a beach moment for the majority of us.

For me, everytime my period hits, its another reminder that I am not pregnant. And everytime its like being kicked while I am down.

However every so often my body does this horrible thing. It makes my period late, so even though there is a 0.000001% I could be pregnant it gives me a bit of hope, even though at the moment myself and my partner are not trying, I still want another. This is what has happened this month. I am over a week late, chances are slim, but I have been through this before and its not just me its my partner as well, not only does he have to deal with the disappointment he has to deal with me being crushed when it eventually arrives.

Damn you body

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