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9 more

9 more followers till I reach the big 100, might not seem much to some but its triple figures. Just saying tis all

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Why don’t we have superheros

The thing is I am not talking about your X-Men or your spiderman more your Iron Man, Batman, Mocking Bird, why do we not have those guys. Welll I am guessing dressing up in a black suit and saying I … Continue reading

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Sometimes you just need a stick

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My depression cycle

I often mention my depression cycle, and just wanted to try and explain it a little better. Since I have been trying to find the answers to what goes on in my head, I have been trying to see if … Continue reading

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So I went and did it

I deleted my facebook, you see the thing is, i get to this stage in my depression cycle when I stop caring, I am still not sure how the hell my partner is here, cause he is the first one … Continue reading

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I am hating this

Following the election results I always knew there would moaning, but I can’t remember there ever being such a divide as there is now and it makes me sad, instead of being able to come together, people are being made … Continue reading

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musings from the elections

Its all finished, The Tory’s are in all by themselves. I am not sure how I feel about it, I will be honest and say I have always been blue, I have always voted for them, but this time it … Continue reading

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