And something new to deal with *do not read if squeamish*

I have been managing to get to sleep at night, it might not be for long, but it is at night which is an improvement.

However yesterday for the first time in years I managed to sleepwalk, I am not sure but I think I use to do it, but it was neither regular or memorable. Unlike a friend of mine, who woke up half dressed sitting in his car.

But anyway yesterday I did, I fell out of bed with a massive crash, I was slightly surprised for two reasons, I was not at the bottom of the cliffs I had just jumped off in my dream and I thought I was at the head of the bed, which was confusing as the head of my bed is up against the wall. Turns out that I was at the foot of my bed and somehow I had done this


Because it was bleeding so badly my OH rung 111 and patched me up (he is a firstaider) they advised me to go to a&e, which at 4am on a Saturday is fun. It was decided I didn’t need stiches which was nice, instead I got glued up, once they stopped the bleeding.

*sigh* so even asleep I manage to hurt myself, now we are going to spend the day trying to figure out what the hell I did that on

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4 Responses to And something new to deal with *do not read if squeamish*

  1. Eeek looks nasty. Hope you are ok.

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  2. Oh no! Glad you didn’t need stitches. I hope you heal up fast! Take care!

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