%&*$%^*@ council

*sigh* after phoning last Friday and realising still nothing has been done about the fact that the council made a mistake regarding my housing benefit and stopping it. I went in today, this is a big thing for me as its not a paperwork day. Two and a half weeks after me originally phoning to try and get this sorted, they have done exactly nothing, bugger all.

I explained as calmly as I could exactly what had happened, to the lady who then phoned a man, who probably had to phone the outsource people who made the damn decision in the first fucking place. I do believe the man is getting a little pissed off at me, but Jesus, they cancel or suspend my claim in seconds but trying to get it restarted is next to impossible,

Added to this ESA are now claiming they haven’t recieved any of the paperwork they asked for, so I ring and get told to go to my local job center who would fax it. Apparently for this I need an appaoitment, to fax something, in the time it took me to explain to the damn woman, who then phoned up and spoke to another person. She could of fucking faxed the paperwork.

Fuming doesn’t cover it

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